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Konya Tifdruk Ambalaj

The Phase Of Graphic & Design

Konya Tifdruk Packaging Co-Company doesn’t abstain to use all of the technological possibilities which we can reach for production process. Our company is acting with the principle of”Quality is in details”. With the owing to modern machine equipment and the specialist staff , we can realize all of the designs which our customers demnad and we can realize colour difference and the first preparation for printing cylinders.

Konya Tifdruk Ambalaj


It is the one of the most important phase for fulfiling the function of package.Lamination means to stick more than one half manufacture to eachother. Coexisted folios are getting together in lamination machine for the protect materials like chocolate,sugary,dry fruit,biscuit,essence of fruit and leguminosae.Accoring to need PE, OPP, Aluminium, PVC, CPP, Metalized, Pearlized, Polyamid, Polyester and Paper laminations are using.Lamination prevents the contact between the paint and product which is inside. Necessary events to reduce permability of oxygen.For the sensitive products against to light lamination prevents the light contact

Konya Tifdruk Ambalaj


Konya Tifdruk Packaging Industry Co-Company is giving a big importance to product reliable.Our company applicates the hygiene in every level from taking raw materials to sending.Our company takes measures physical,chemical and microbiological dirtiness.Presents hygiene guarentee by producing and sending levels,machines,people and enviroment factors.

Konya Tifdruk Ambalaj

Quality Policy

Our quality policy can be a company which every graded staff is including the management, to claim continual and common aducation,to follow the technological developments,reformer,by cooperating with suppliers and customers,value to people,to precaution the unsuitabilities every level of organization and with our products to obtain our customers demands. Konya Tifdruk Packaging Industry Co-Company will continue to be a choosen company and a partnership by cooperating with suppliers and by the secrecy policy.

Konya Tifdruk

Our company, which serves in a wide range of products in order to be different with the rotogravure printing technology, is in different fields, especially biscuit-chocolate factories, pulses, fruit extract, nuts, spices and various pharmaceutical companies, with the packaging materials of Tifdruk Printed BOPP, PVC, AL, PET. serves.


Sipariş ve Tedarik Formu

Konya Tifdruk Packaging

Konya Tifdruk Packaging Industry Corporated Company started to produce PVC Film in 1980. Our company is extending to produce in totally 5.000 m2 by 30.000 m2 indoor and 2.000 m2 outdoor area. Konya Tifdruk Packaging Industry Corporated is extending its productions fan day by day in directions of our valuable customers’ requests. We are acting the principle of ’Firstly Quality’. Now, our company is materialize 800 tones/year PVC Film producing, 2.000 tones/year printed BOPP packaging material, 250 tones/year single layer 9-12-14 micron aluminium printing, 250 tones/year three layer packaging material. Our company is serving with the technology of Tifdruk Rotogravure printing. The materials of BOPP, PVC, AL, PET are served to biscuits and chocolate factories, leguminosae, spices and various medicine companies first of all, and other different sectors. OPP+OPP, OPP+PVC, OPP+AL+LAK, OPP+CPP, PE+AL+PE, PVC+OPP, OPP+PVC+PE, PET+AL+LAK are taking part in the fan of products by laminated products.


Featured Packages

Our company is extending its productions fan day by day for can be different. Our company is serving with the technology of Tifdruk Rotogravure Printing. The materials of BOPP, PVC, AL, PET are served to biscuits-chocolate factories, leguminosae, fruit essence, spices, dry fruit and various medicine companies first of all and other different sectors


Rotagravure Printing Technique

Rotogravure Printing Technique is an alternative which our company is offering the producers who are the obtain to reach the products by true package to the consumers.Rotogravure Printing cover the necessity of producers who are looking for high quality for printing.Roto Gravure is the kind of printing for the producers who are modern and looking for true solutions.The best results are taking the films which are not so flexible like BOPP,PVC.PET.AL

What services do we offer you?

With the help of Rotogravure technology, our company has established itself on the market in a wide range of products using BOPP, PVC, AL, PET packaging materials. At the moment, we cooperate mainly with factories for the production of chocolate and biscuits, as well as with firms that produce legumes, dried fruits, spices and spices. A special place is occupied by cooperation with medical institutions and drug manufacturing firms.


Extruder stage The initial stage during the passage of which the life of future products is given.
Rotogravure printing technology BOPP, PVC, PET.
Graphic design Graphic design department with qualified staff and the latest equipment
Lamination One of the most important stages in the production of packaging
Cut into forms The future packaging takes the required form passing through the press knives
Storage - Delivery Store products with maximum efficiency, deliver on time